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2009 Agenda

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8-9 am

Jenny Levine: "High Tech, High Touch" This session will highlight online services that focus on users and replicate the "high touch" reach of library services in the physical world. How can we meet users at their point of need and use technology to insert the librarian back into the online experience, especially in a time of budget cuts and declining resources? Jumpstart your thinking about what we can do to make those online services even more robust and serendipitous to add the high (human) touch back in.

9-10 am

Pecha kuchas (in no particular order)

Melissa Kiser: Using videos to promote library services

Melissa Kiser: Using Screenr to Create Tweetable Instructional Videos

Sean Robinson: Sirsi/Sopac

Beth Munk & Katie Mullins:  Read the Books: Managing AR lists

Brent Ferguson: Tech: What does it mean to me?

Teresa Walls: Quilt It: Ideas to Create Community in Children's Computing

Eli Neiburger: Events 2.0 / Engaging Superpatrons

Amy Cantu: Managing Digitization or The Life of a Production Librarian

10-11 am

Planning the day & break (business card exchange)


Jenny Levine: " Civic Engagement as Library Mission" As government services become almost exclusively electronic and local communities replicate themselves on the internet, how do citizens learn to participate in this new online world? What does it mean to be a "digital citizen" in the first decade of the 21st century, and how can libraries provide access to and help maintain open participation online? Public libraries are already the nexus of the community in the online world - do we have a mandate to be the center of the community online and should we provide a platform that lets everyone participate? Join in this conversation about digital identity, content creation, and the library's role in facilitating civic engagement for all age groups to discuss what the library's role is as a place for civic discourse and participation in an online world.

Noon-1:30 pm


1:30-2:30 pm


Meeting Room A: Microblogging

Meeting Room B: Social networking-personal & professional

Meeting Room C: Gaming Area

Globe Room: Digital Divide

Computer classroom: Gaming

2:30-3:30 pm


Meeting Room A: "Lost customers" - jocks, etc

Meeting Room B: Participatory catalogs

Meeting Room C: Gaming Area

Globe Room: Getting staff on board with social networking

Computer classroom: Screenr

3:30-4:30 pm


Meeting Room A: Video blogging

Meeting Room B: Patron content production and partnerships

Meeting Room C: Gaming Area

Globe Room: How do we stay relevant / avoid irrelevance / identifying threats

4:30-5:00 pm

wrapup and socialize in the theater, LEU frenzy

5:00 pm

bye bye


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