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2013 Attendees

Page history last edited by Melissa Renner 10 years ago


The list of attendees is organized alphabetically by organization.


Amanda Dekker Allen County Public Library adekker06@hotmail.com
Amy Griffin Allen County Public Library agriffin@acpl.info
Angela Eck Allen County Public Library aeck@acpl.info
Ben Miker Allen County Public Library mbenner@acpl.lib.in.us
Beverly Murphy Allen County Public Library bmurphy@acpl.lib.in.us
Carla Bauman-Franks Allen County Public Library cbaumanfranks@acpl.info
Carol Nahrwold Allen County Public Library cnahrwold@acpl.info
Curt Witcher Allen County Public Library CWitcher@ACPL.Info
Deb Noggle Allen County Public Library dnoggle@acpl.info
Edith Helbert Allen County Public Library ehelbert@acpl.info
Emily Marshall Allen County Public Library emarshall@acpl.info
Erin Smith Allen County Public Library esmith@acpl.info
Jake Ford Allen County Public Library jford@acpl.lib.in.us
Kathy Witwer Allen County Public Library kawitwer@acpl.lib.in.us
Kim Quintrell Allen County Public Library kquintrell@acpl.lib.in.us
Lettie Haver Allen County Public Library lhaver@acpl.info
Liisa Wiljer Allen County Public Library lwiljer@acpl.lib.in.us
Linda Chapman Allen County Public Library lchapman@acpl.info
Linda Jeffrey Allen County Public Library ljeffrey@acpl.lib.in.us
Linda Sorg Allen County Public Library lsorg@acpl.lib.in.us
Lisa Armato Allen County Public Library larmato@acpl.info
Lisa Bordner Allen County Public Library lbordner@acpl.lib.in.us
mari hardacre Allen County Public Library mhardacre@apcl.info
Maria Tostado Allen County Public Library matostado@acpl.lib.in.us
Mark Ueber Allen County Public Library mueber@acpl.info
Megan Bell Allen County Public Library mbell@acpl.info
Melissa Renner Allen County Public Library mrenner@acpl.lib.in.us
Michael Clegg Allen County Public Library mclegg@acpl.info
Montie Manning Allen County Public Library mmanning@alex.lib.in.us
Nate Burnard Allen County Public Library nburnard@acpl.info
Norm Compton Allen County Public Library ncompton@acpl.info
Otto Boschet Allen County Public Library oboschet@acpl.lib.in.us
Priscilla Webber Adams Public Library System
Rich Weiland Adams Public Library System rweiland@apls.lib.in.us
Roseann Coomer Allen County Public Library rcoomer@acpl.info
Scott Mertz Allen County Public Library smertz@acpl.lib.in.us
Shawn Heaton Alexandra-Monroe Public Library sheaton@alex.lib.in.us
Stacey Pearson Allen County Public Library spearson@acpl.info
Susan Pratt Allen County Public Library prattsusan27@hotmail.com
Tim Corey Allen County Public Library tcorey@acpl.lib.in.us
Tom Manning Allen County Public Library tmanning@acpl.lib.in.us
Topher Schlatter Allen County Public Library Cschlatter@acpl.lib.in.us
Trish Downey Allen County Public Library tdowney@acpl.info
Stephanie McCullough Antwerp Branch Library s.mccullough@pauldingcountylibrary.org
Jane E. Hall Argos Public Library jehall@argos.lib.in.us
Barbara Dixon Barton Rees Pogue Memorial Library bdlibrarydirector@yahoo.com
Heather Barron Bourbon Public Library hbarron@bourbon.lib.in.us
Daryl Shrock Bristol Public Library daryl@bristol.lib.in.us
Bonnie Graham Butler Public Library bonnie@butlerpubliclibrary.net
Ellen Stuckey Butler Public library ellen@butlerpubliclibrary.net
Sarah Dempsey Butler Public Library sarah@butlerpubliclibrary.net
Mary Voors Children's Services/Allen County Public Library mvoors@acpl.info
Angela Powell Defiance Public Library apowell@defiancelibrary.org
Sarah Marshall Defiance Public Library smarshall@defiancelibrary.org
Chris Grogg Eckhart Public Library cgrogg@epl.lib.in.us
Georgean Johnson-Coffey Eckhart Public Library gjohnsoncoffey@epl.lib.in.us
Heather Shaver Eckhart Public Library hshaver@epl.lib.in.us
Katy Southern Eckhart Public Library ksouthern@epl.lib.in.us
Marie Kaufmann Eckhart Public Library mkaufmann@epl.lib.in.us
Patti Davis Eckhart Public Library pdavis@epl.lib.in.us
Robyn Miller Eli Lilly and Company Robyn@lilly.com
Brent Ferguson Elkhart Public Library bferguso@elkhart.lib.in.us
Eric Nord Elkhart Public Library enord@elkhart.lib.in.us
Vicky Scott Elkhart Public Library vscott@myepl.org
Amy Fish Fort Wayne Community Schools amy.fish@fwcs.k12.in.us
Andrea Stineback Fulton County Public Library astineback@fulco.lib.in.us
Becky Williams Fulton County Public Library kids@fulco.lib.in.us
Jonathan Gaskill Fulton County Public Library director@fulco.lib.in.us
Quenton Oakes Fulton County Public Library qoakes@fulco.lib.in.us
Debra Wietcha Hamilton East Public Library wietchad@hepl.lib.in.us
Donna Millikan Hamilton East Public Library millikand@hepl.lib.in.us
Patricia Gioe Hamilton East Public Library gioep@hepl.lib.in.us
Suann Dusseau Hamilton East Public Library dusseaus@hepl.lib.in.us
Andrea Cohn Harrison College andrea.cohn@harrison.edu
Billie Ertel Harrison College billie.ertel@harrison.edu
Nicole Detter-Smith Homestead High School ndetter@sacs.k12.in.us
Sara O'Sha Indiana State Library sosha@library.in.gov
Tracy Stoller Indiana Tech trstoller@indianatech.edu
Sarah Batt IndyPL Shared System sbatt@indypl.org
Linda Shreve Jay County Public Library lshreve@jaycpl.lib.in.us
Leah Dresser Kendallville Library ldresser@kendallvillelibrary.org
Anita Brown Kendallville Public Library abrown@kendallvillelibrary.org
Jenna Anderson Kendallville Public Library janderson@kendallvillelibrary.org
Katie Mullins Kendallville Public Library kmullins@kendallvillelibrary.org
Mindy Patterson Kendallville Public Library mpatterson@kendallvillelibrary.org
Lori Hugley Kokomo Howard Co lhugley@khcpl.org
Trisha Shively Kokomo Howard County Public Library tshively@khcpl.org
Justin Kingery Kokomo-Howard County Public Library jkingery@khcpl.org
Meredith Wagner Kokomo-Howard County Public Library mwagner@khcpl.org
Abby Harris-Correll LaGrange County Public Library abby@lagrange.lib.in.us
Diane Randall LaGrange County Public Library diane.randall@lagrange.lib.in.lus
Heidi Trivett LaGrange County Public Library Heidi.Trivett@lagrange.lib.in.us
Rebecca Johnson Manchester University rejohnson@manchester.edu
Kristen Gioe Mario Public Library kgioe@marion.lib.in.us
Jennifer Hilgeman Marion Public Library jhilgeman@marion.lib.in.us
Joanne Hix Marion Public Library jhix@marion.lib.in.us
Michell Morgan Marion Public Library mmorgan@marion.lib.in.us
Carrie Halquist McMillen Library chhalquist@indianatech.edu
Nina Collins McMillen Library, Indiana Tech nkcollins@indianatech.edu
Scott Hanni Miami Middle School Scott.Hanni@fwcs.k12.in.us
Suzie Pender Noble County Public Library spender@nobleco.lib.in.us
Greg Kroemer Northeast Indiana Diversity LIbrary greg@nidl.info
Bob Robertson-Boyd OCLC, Inc. bob.robertsonboyd@gmail.com
Celia Bandelier Roanoke Public Library director@roanoke.lib.in.us
Harmony Petersen Student at Kent State hp_note@yahoo.com
Anne Courtney Summit Middle School acourtney@sacs.k12.in.us
Phillip Kwik Troy Public Library kwikpj@troymi.gov
Meaghan Battle Troy Public Library, Troy, MI M.Battle@troymi.gov
Bethany A. Dubois Wabash Carnegie Public Library bethany@wabash.lib.in.us
Robert Neuenschwander Warren Public Library warrenpl@warren.lib.in.us
Steve Ankenbruck FWCS North Side Library steven.ankenbruck@fwcs.k12.in.us


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